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Institute Management
Library Management
Society Management
Building & Flats Management
Billing & Purchasing Management
Inventory Management
Hotel & Restaurant Management
Export & Import Management

We provide ready to use solutions like Institute Management System (IMS) for colleges and institutes which is an integrated interface for complete Institute's Management.
These ready to use solutions are customized as per the requirement of the prospects.
The solutions have different modules and the prospect can select their required modules form the solutions. It is not mandetory to go for the full solution as a whole.

For Builders and societies we provide BFMS which is another very popular solutions among builders and societies.

The solutions provides various PDF Reports for various purpose. The advantage of solutions are that they are based on the most secure and large database oracle and for forms .Net techonology is used which is most advanced techonology from Microsoft.
These solutions are tested and used by several Institutes and organizations and are very user friendly and free from bug.

Export & Import Management system is newly launched software with .net at front end which is User friendly & provides all kinds of documentation required for Customs & other Export Import Formalities.




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